We are into domains in a different way.


Select and Tune, with the common letter T. One can easily read and understand the newly formed neologism.


"Xtery" - invented word which sounding is simmilar a bit to "mystery", sounding smooth but unclear how to write.

May be a good fit for IT sphere or product name.

  1. in a manner that is so delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyse or describe.
  2. in a clever and indirect way, in order to achieve something.

The name is built around the consonance of BEAT and BIT. RABBIT is phonetically similar to RE-BEAT.

May be a good choice for a drum machine brand, musical instruments shop, streaming platform, running/bpm app or a Psy-Trance festival.


Emergy is the amount of energy that was consumed in direct and indirect transformations to make a product or service. Emergy is a measure of quality differences between different forms of energy.

May be a good fit for an IT or blockchain company.


Definition: having no pauses, ceaseless, continuous.

The concept can work well for a streaming platform, a gaming platform, a record player, a record label, a music equipment manufacturer or stuff related to music.


SailorWay may be a good fit for a service or platform related to maritime geo location, a sailing atlas.


The 2 words intuetively deducted from Hempion are HEMP and CHAMPION. Those a hemp champion is a Hempion.

May be a good fit for a hemp products company.


The base of the neologism is aqua (meaning water), to it is added the suffix -nomy. The suffix -nomy means a system of rules or laws, or body of knowledge of a particular subject.

We are a small team of enthusiasts that are found of creating, describing and branding names.

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Every name, weather is real or invented have its semantic potential. We partialy expose this and offer a view onto its possible branding.

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